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    Dumbbell exercises to master by Greatist

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    Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore for Marie Claire, October 2009

    Oh wow

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    I always wanted to tattoo this maya angelou’s poem and I decided to get it done last week. I’ve a history with  ED, and this poem reminds me that matter what happens I’ll get through it and, as maya says, I’ll rise :)

    Done by Adalto Franco - Gellys Tatto - SP, Brazil


  10. "When you lose something, don’t think of it as a loss; accept it as the gift that gets you on the path you were meant to travel on."

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  12. people underestimate my ability to cut them out of my life when they fuck me over

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  13. "I do not understand a lot of things in life. Why the most beautiful people and things die, why I am so lonely around people, why my heart and mind are constantly at war. And one of the greatest things I do not understand, is why you were allowed to enter my world and finally make me feel like a flower in a graveyard rather than a weed in a garden, only to rip every single one of my petals out and stomp on the leaves I used as lungs. I just do not understand. I do not, I do not, I do not, I do not understand any of it."
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    To W, If we could have just one more night like we used to, skin against skin, heartbeat to heartbeat…I can’t lie, I can’t say I would turn it down. I know you will never see this, and there is a lot on my mind tonight. We both fucked up. I’ve never had such strong feelings before and I haven’t since, even though I know what we had is broken now. I still remember in my heart knowing you were the one I wanted to wake up next to every morning, you were the reason I needed to better myself. Now I don’t really know anything, and I’m lost.